prayers and squares

Prayers & Squares is an interfaith non-profit prayer ministry that combines the gift of prayer with the gift of a hand-tied quilt.
Our Church’s chapter of the Prayers & Squares ministry began in the early summer of 2008. A church in Mocksville, NC had presented our church with a quilt, saying that they had prayed for us. This inspired fifteen ladies in our church to charter a group for our church. This group has now handmade close to 300 quilts that have gone all over the States and around the world.
The concept is simple and the result profound. When completed, each quilt has strings that a person takes and ties into knots when that person prays for the individual. When the quilt is delivered, the person can get a feel for how many prayers have been lifted up on his/her behalf. This has been a strong encouragement to infants, cancer patients, and all kinds of hurting people.
The motto for Prayers & Squares is that “it’s not about the quilts; it’s all about the prayers.”
To request a prayer quilt, please click on the link below.  Once complete, email to 
One of our ladies will contact you for more information. To donate to Prayers & Squares, you can use the same address. In the memo field, write “Prayers & Squares.”